This list is up to date as of April 17th, 2018:

Marcia and Jonathan Feuer
Pat Fili-Krushel and Ken Krushel
Anne G. Fredericks and Marc Fasteau
Ronald and Caroline Frohne
Ellen and Scott Hand
Debbie and Bob Harper
Ann and Peter Herbst
Kelly and Bill Kaiser
Lillian Lennox
Kate and Hans Morris
Mary Mott and Gordon Simmering
Elissa Myers and Shelly Friedman
Fern Portnoy, Roger Goldman
and Hunt Alternatives
Deb and Bill Ryan, Black Thumb Farm
Annie Selke
Carol and Irving Smokler
Tania and Mark Walker

Karen Allen
Carol and Eric Haythorne
Maureen and John Jerome
Taryn and Mark Leavitt
Dan Mathieu and Tom Potter
Ginabeth and Kenneth Murphy
Beth Sackler and Jeffrey Cohen
Barbara and Ted Shiffman
Margery and Lew Steinberg

Felicia and Keith Anzel
Sue and Howard Arkans
Paul Aronson
Sandy and Ronald Ashendorf
Shari and Stephen Ashman
Maggie and Don Buchwald
Jess Cooney
Tracy and Andy Foster
Wendy and Peter Gordon
Holly Hardman
Nancy Hult Ganis and Sid Ganis
Lola Jaffe
Yong and Raymond Kwok
Catherine and Matt Mandel
Mary and Seth Nash
Lisa Newmann and Sandy Sanderson
Diane and Deval Patrick
Elaine and Ben Silberstein
Paula Wardynski
Suky and Tom Werman
Cynthia Wick and Chan Gibson
Shirley and Ira Yohalem

Nancy Barber and William Stone
Nancy and Mark Belsky*
Christina and Paul del Balso
Nancy and Andy Clayman**
Sharon and Richard Feldstein
Jackie and Bob Gentile
Marion G.H. Gilliam
Madeline and Ian Hooper***
Joan and Jim Hunter
Kristina and Gary Kahn
Helga S. Orthofer-Kaiser
Caitlin and Mitch Nash
Shelia Nevins
Sharon and Irving Picard
Suzanne B. Ryan
Carolina Palermo Schulze
Kim Beede Soule and Dick Soule
Jonathan Swartz
Eleanor Tillinghast
and Morgan Bulkeley lV

Elizabeth Aspenlieder
Hal Beldoff
Cynthia and Jeff Caminiti
Patty Blum and Harry Chotiner
Kathleen and Neil Chrisman
Donna Conforti
Shawn and Michael Considine
Lisa Glantz
Alice and Geoff Gottlieb
Elise and Carl Hartman
Miriam and Ronald Hinds
Beverly and David Hosokawa
Carol and Stuart Kuller
Sue and Paul Ladd
Celia and Henry McGee
Jamie and Gary Moscowitz
Suzanne Nash
Candace and Matthew Penn
Ramelle and Michael Pulitzer
Sue Z. Rudd
Vicki and Bruce Safran
Betsy and Mark Selkowitz
John Toole
Holly and John Valente
Mandy Victor-Pieczarka
Cindy and Tucker Welch
Carolyn Wells
Joe Wheaton and Dick Lipez
Jean Whitehead
Rebecca Zimm Parisier
and David Parisier

$75- $199
Jean Adelson
Pamela and Mark Beiderman
Adolph Berger
Hinda and Bill Bodinger
Robin Weiser and Peter Bodnar
Barbara Bonner
Rachel Brier
Stan and Susan Brown
Christine Casarsa
Eileen and Michael Cohen
Suzanne Crerar
Katherine Dean and Frederic Gordon
Catharine Deely
Hilary Somers Deely and Phil Deely
Cia Elkin and Laurence Gadd
Laurily Epstein
Mindi Faigen
Susan and Hank Ferlauto
Pat and Jim Fingeroth
Molly and Frank Fitzmaurice
Elisa and Larry Frankel
Meryl and Barry Freedman
Sandra L. Garrelick
Judy and Sam Goldfarb
Beth and Julian Gott
Linda Greenhouse
Randolph Hawthorne
and Carliss Baldwin
Maria Horn
Patricia and David Hubbard
Ginny and Doug Hyde
Susan and Gordon Josephson
Alyce and Michael Kaplan
Gloria and Armand Katz
Linda Kaye-Moses and Evan Soldinger
Mary Julia Kephart
Joan Kessler
Dorothy and Neil Koreman
Kate and Richard Leitermann
Deborah Levinson
Nancy and Norman Lipoff
Mindy and Kenneth Lubell
Amy and Jeff Mann
Lisa Mears
Joan and Richard Mears
Judy and David Mickenberg
Laurie Norton Moffatt and Craig Moffatt
Judith Monachina and Fredric Rutberg
Frosty Montgomery
Bruce N. Teague
Deborah A. Pege
Marina and William Perry
Wendy Philbrick
Frieda and Neal Pilson
Piretti Real Estate
Duncan Pollock
Jess Prince
Frank Pringle
George Raymond
Peggy Reeves
Karen Richards
Nancy and Rick Richardson
Elise and Michael Richman
Elizabeth and Eugene Rosenberg
Jane K. Ryan
Lorraine and Frank Sandor
Barbara Schulman
Joanna and Joseph Schwartz
Dean Simpson
Holly and Larry Steinberg
Nancy Travers and Gerald Bertiger
Nancy Vale
Abbie Von Schlegell
Laurene and John Wallace
Karin Watkins
Laurie Winfrey and Robert Shnayerson
Leonard W. Yost, Ph.D.
Amy Zuckerman

22 donations at the REEL Trooper level

* In honor of Dan Mathieu and Tom Potter and in appreciation for their spirit to nourish community and build relationships.
** In honor of Mary Mott and Gordon Simmering.
*** In honor of Kate Morris