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The Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFFMA or “The BIFF”) is a world-class festival that is an integral part of the cultural fabric of the Berkshires. BIFF showcases not only the latest in independent feature, documentary, short, and family films but also lively panel discussions and special events focusing on filmmakers and talented artists from both sides of the camera.

The Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF) is for filmmakers and film lovers alike to be entertained, educated and inspired. BIFF celebrates independent film and recognizes and pays tribute to accomplished artists on both sides of the camera in the international, national and regional film community. BIFF provides filmmakers, producers, directors, writers and actors an environment to collaborate, present their work, and interact with each other and with film audiences.

Specific priorities of the Festival are to showcase the most challenging and topically relevant documentaries each year, and provide a platform for Berkshire filmmakers.

To be a world-class, creative, engaged, and fun community-based film festival that offers an experience to its guests that is well beyond that which they might experience by going to their local theater. To enrich the community, its partners and those who have created and nurtured its existence.

Three key elements make up this vision:

  1. People: To be a festival where people are inspired to be the best they can be and learn about film and the film industry.
  2. Portfolio: To bring to the community a portfolio of films and industry related experiences that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs.
  3. Partners: To nurture a winning network of partners and build mutual loyalty