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REEL FRIENDS OF BIFF as of April 15, 2024

Karen Allen
Marcia Feuer
Patricia Fili-Krushel and Ken Krushel
The Frances Davis Fund
Caroline and Ronald Frohne
Debbie and Bob Harper
Carol and Eric Haythorne
Ann and Peter Herbst
Kelly and Bill Kaiser
Love Today Productions
Dan Mathieu and Tom Potter
Kate and Hans Morris
Mary Mott and Gordon Simmering
Sheila Nevins and Sydney Koch
Jeryl and Steven Oristaglio
Fern Portnoy and Roger Goldman
Roaring Brook Family Foundation
Annie Selke and Jim Crane
Irv and Carol Smokler

Anne Fredericks and Marc Fasteau
Ellen and Scott Hand
Alyson Brandt and Charlie Miller
Catherine and Matt Mandel
Mary and Seth Nash
Hunter K. Runnette
and Mark P. Vanden Bosch
Barbara and Ted Shiffman
Tania and Mark Walker

Elissa Myers and Shelly Friedman

Susan and Howard Arkans
Ricki Gardner and William Cavanagh
Carol Parrish and Paul Clark
Nancy Fitzpatrick and Lincoln Russell
Nancy Hult Ganis and Sid Ganis
Maura Griffin
Maria Nation and John Halbreich
Joan and Jim Hunter
Maureen Jerome
Ginny and Ken Murphy
Caitlin and Mitch Nash
Lisa Newmann and Sandy Sanderson
Sharon and Irving Picard
Suky and Tom Werman
Cynthia Wick and Chan Gibson
Liz and Mark Williams
Shirley Yohalem

BIFF STAR ($500+)
Sandy and Ron Ashendorf
Elizabeth Aspenlieder
Nancy Barber and Bill Stone
Joyce Bernstein
Vicki Bonnington and David Schecker
David Bookspan
Bonnie and Terry Burman
Shawn Leary and Michael Considine*
Liz Ann and Buzz Doherty
Sharon and Richard Feldstein
Tracy and Andy Foster
Jackie and Bob Gentile
Lisa and Michael Glantz
Roberta and Steven Haas
Madeleine and Ian Hooper
Elizabeth and John Isler
Anna Oliver and Stephan Klein
Sherri Miller
Gretchen Rennell
Jonathan Rick
Margie and Lew Steinberg
Jonathan Swartz
Laird and Reid White
Jean and Peter Whitehead

Rachel Brier and Phillip Pechukas
Linda Greenhouse
Patricia and David Hubbard
Molly and Dylan Nash
Candace and Matthew Penn
Karen Richards
Sue Rudd
Suzanne Ryan
Jude and Terry Ryan**
Vicki and Bruce Safran
Gina and John Toole
Holly and John Valente

Mary Dawn Andreatta
Jane and John Angelini
Pamela and Mark Beiderman
Jennie and Andre Bernard
Judith Bookbinder
Karen Cellini and Joe Corcoran
Miriam Cohen
Suzanne Crerar
Patricia and James Fingeroth
Elisa and Larry Frankel
Paula Friedman
Cia Elkin and Larry Gadd
Elise and Carl Hartman
Susie and Stuart Hirshfield
Pat and Dennis Hogan
Sarah and David Kidd
Bobbi Koz Paley
Phyllis Klein
Carol Kuller
Beth Laster-Nathan
and Michael Nathan
Kate and Richard Leiterman
Jessica and David Logan
Annette and Michael A Miller
Diane Moran
Anne and Peter Most
Laurie Norton Moffatt
Katherine and Bo Peabody
Diane Pearlman
Frieda and Neal Pilson
Charles Popper
Remelle and Michael Pullitzer
W. Allen Reiser
Elizabeth and Eugene Rosenberg
Kathryn Sattler
Dean Simpson
Licia Sky and Bessel van der Kolk, MD
Tracey and Elliot Stein
Nancy Travers and Gerald Bertiger
Bobby Turcotte
Madeleine Victor-Piezarka
Abbie von Schlegell
Christopher White
Vicki Cohen and Kyle Wilkinson
Suzanne Yale

Thank you to all who have donated!

* In honor of Kelley Vickery
** In honor of the Vickery family