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We’re Excited to Announce the Line-up of Films for the Ninth Annual BIFF

By April 24, 2014No Comments

The wait is over! We’re proud to announce the line-up of films we’ve chosen for the Ninth Annual BIFF. We are showing a lot of really great films this year.

Come journey with us in this incredible ninth season, as we travel to Jordan, Afghanistan, Philippines, India, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Morocco, Israel, and across the US. As we promise to do each and every year, the BIFF brings a diverse program to our wonderfully engaged and dynamic community.

We have programmed an incredible array of films dealing with complex and inspiring subjects: politics, activism, the environment, faith, education, innovation and of course, love. On that subject, we are thrilled to have the East Coast Premiere of MAY IN THE SUMMER for our opening night film. A wonderful story that weaves the clash of cultures, traditions and family, beautifully filmed with the exotic backdrop of Amman, Jordon. Celebrate one of the most stirring and inspirational, but little-known story in America’s favorite pastime with the BATTERED BASTARDS OF BASEBALL. Whether or not you are a baseball fan, this crowd-pleasing film, tells the true underdog story of the irrepressible Bing Russell (father of Kurt Russell) and the rise of the Portland Mavericks which he bought for $500. It will leave you cheering. England’s favorite comedy duo, returns to the big screen with THE TRIP TO ITALY. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, reprise their hilarious culinary and cultural road trip through Italy improvising their impressions of their favorite actors over plates of delicious pasta and seafood. The trips just keep getting better! In addition to those highlights, BIFF brings 75 of the best independent narratives, documentaries and shorts from 18 countries…BIFF brings the world to you!