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The Berkshire International Film Festival is celebrating its 15th birthday this year, and to do that, we’d like to honor some of our new filmmakers. For our Filmmaker Four article series, we sent all our BIFF first-timers the same set of four questions—the answers, of course, are delightfully different.

Mark Cade is a veteran actor who made his name on stage and in soaps while living in New York, then found success in Los Angeles acting in shows like The O.C., Friends, and Seinfeld and as the lead in the feature True Men. Cade, though, felt a strong urge to tell his own stories. He began writing his own screenplays, leading to his first BIFF film, Nice Guy, which he wrote, directed, and stars in.

What was your first experience on a film set?

I was playing a supporting role opposite one of the leads in a film. I was incredibly nervous because I recognized every actor and actress in the film. I had seen all of their work in previous projects and found myself in awe and thinking, “What am I doing here?”

What was the first film you directed/wrote?

Nice Guy is my first!

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

I’m a huge fan of Christopher Nolan. Both his work as a director and also his work as a writer.

What are you working on that no one knows about?

I started writing my next project a few months ago. It’s a full length feature and I think it’s going to be very impactful!