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Sponsor Spotlight – Berkshire Mountain Distillers

By March 20, 2024No Comments

Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Chris Weld

What compelled you to partner with BIFF? 
When Kelley approached me some 16 years ago and asked me if Berkshire Mountain Distillers would be willing to sponsor The BIFF, I responded with a resounding YES. As we had not bottled a single drop of spirits yet, I immediately thought, Oh Sh.. we need to get going in order to have some product in time! As a new business in town (2007), I was looking for some great partners with whom to develop a synergistic relationship with- BMD getting brand exposure and our partners getting – well, some wonderful booze. I knew that The BIFF and BMD would be a great match, it is amazing some 16 years later to be looking back and to see just how good a relationship that we have enjoyed.

What has your experience been like over the years with BIFF?
A rising tide floats all ships. When I discuss the Berkshires with people, which is fairly often, there are several anchors in/of the community that I tout. The Biff was ,even way back when, and continues to be a great anchor in our community benefiting us all in one way or another. I have been privileged to work with the BIFF team, to ride on their coattails, and on a personal level am extremely thankful for what they have done for BMD and for our community in general. The entire team is tireless, selfless and just plain old fun to be around- even after all of these years.

How have you seen the community grow and gather over the years with BIFF?
As I mentioned in answering your previous question, The BIFF has been integral to the growth and cultural development of the Berkshires, it would honestly be difficult to imagine the Berkshires without The Biff. The BIFF definitely brings a net sum gain to the Berkshires, and not just during the festival itself. The level of cache that the Berkshires enjoys would certainly need to be downgraded if we did not have The Biff in town. I would challenge one to walk down the street in Great Barrington, querying passersby and store owners alike, and to find  someone who does not have a positive personal story relating to The BIFF


Who would play you in a movie?
Johnny Quest

What’s your go to movie snack?
Twizzlers- not red vines, I was born on the East coast.

What’s the film title that best describes your life?
The Good The Bad and The Ugly



Chris Weld’s Bio:

In eighth grade, Chris tried to make his own still for a class science project, but his plan was squashed by his mother when she realized it was a federal offense. He didn’t give up, and after studying biochemistry and getting a Master’s in emergency medicine, Chris embarked on a 20-year career as a physician’s assistant. Originally from Westchester County, Chris and his family moved back to the quiet countryside of the Berkshires, purchased a neglected apple farm and turned his early dabbling in distilling into a full-time passion by starting the celebrated Berkshire Mountain Distillers in 2007. Fast forward ten-plus years once cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts, Chris co-founded Berkshire Welco, the parent company of The Pass, where he works directly with all levels of the team on day-to-day issues and the long-game of what’s next.

Chris is a charismatic and easygoing-yet-determined leader with a sharp sense of wit and a lot on his plate. Always quick with a satirical remark tempered by humor, his office soundtrack leans into rock-and-roll classics with some 80s throwbacks. Chris is happiest when he’s keeping busy, warming up in the greenhouse, testing out a recipe in the kitchen or concocting some new formula in the lab. He loves, loves, loves the smell of his pet lemon plant, which bring serenity, joy and a flash of California heat during the darkest days of a Northeast winter. An avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and swimming in nature, he’s a true scientist who is always merging nature and science to create exciting products for others to enjoy.